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Entry #2


2009-07-15 04:00:10 by haxorqueen

What i use now:
rockband microphone (from the video game)
FLstudio drums
adobe audition (for mixing)

Planning to get:
Superior drummer 2.0



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2009-07-16 17:19:48

I just heard your latest four songs. They're all very nice (surprisingly, even the pacman one... lol ^__^)

One of these days I'll pay a good visit a vote your stuff!

Nice guitaring, btw.

haxorqueen responds:

haha thanks :P

i made the pacman on to scare my friend, he sent me the pacman theme ring tone and the next day thats what i sent back to him XD

my objective was to make it sound as horrible and glitchy as possible :P


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